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The Neutech brand has a wide variety of electrical products so that nothing is missing in your home. Personal care, comfort, small appliances, entertainment and lighting, are among the items that will surprise you.

Softty is a brand that offers you a range of hygiene and cleaning products, which provide the greatest comfort and softness.

Biocare Cosmetics is a brand focused on hydration, with a range of products created to take care of your skin’s health.

At Home Selection you will find the essential kitchen utensils for your daily life.

Gelpro offers protection and reinforces hygiene, with a range of products that provide security. Ideal for the pandemic times we are currently experiencing.

Wash & Safe allows you to safely wash and disinfect fruits and vegetables, to enjoy your meals better!

The Inflame brand was developed to bring you the best flammable solutions. Try our firelighters, white or ecological!

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Electric Co is a strict production brand that reflects the continuous concern with the quality and safety of its equipment, always at very attractive prices.

The Hoffen brand brings you with the most varied range of electrical and electronic products for your house, from personal care, through comfort, cleaning and health, to small appliances, it is the perfect brand to complete your home!

Elefun is much more than a brand, it is a world of dreams, smiles and fun for the little ones. Our toy brand has a range from wooden toys to the most didactic ones. It’s FUN, it’s Elefun!

Gardenic is a brand that offers you a wide range of garden items to decorate, care for and maintain. Take care and beautify your garden with Gardenic!

Niteo Tools is the ideal company for DIY projects in your home. Discover our tools!

Smukee was created to help you live your life with the greatest comfort and convenience. From furniture, through home textiles, to kitchen utensils, Smukee offers a wide range for your home.

Kayet is synonymous of creativity and imagination. We offer stationery, drawing and painting products for both the youngest and the adults, with different collections that differ by the originality of the patterns and concepts, to escape the routine.

Maximum quality and right price. MasterChef presents a selection of quality products, in the appropriate formats and most wanted by professionals from hotels and restaurants. And because foodcost is an ingredient that cannot be lacking in any kitchen, MasterChef products ensure significant savings compared to the best-known brands on the market.

For your business and for Portuguese families. More than 400 products, from frozen to juices, including dairy products, groceries and personal hygiene. Aimed at the final consumer, it is a brand with notoriety among Portuguese families that symbolizes the modernization of traditional commerce. Dawn is an excellent alternative to industry brands and own brands in modern retail.

Home 7 is a brand of quality utensils that will make your daily life easier.

Tom & Rose, a clothing brand, available only at Pingo Doce stores. We seek to bring you the new trends at the best prices.

The Ultra Pro range includes products for washing and treating clothes, washing dishes and cleaning the house, always with the highest quality, at affordable prices.

Discover our range of fitness items at Pingo Doce. Seven for 7 was created to inspire an active and healthy life, making sports accessible to everyone.

The Pingo Doce brand has 37 years of history, full of delicious moments, with hundreds of products that fill us with pride, with development certification and our commitment to quality.

ActivPet is a brand for pets, with a concern for balanced and complete food, always in an economical way. The range includes food for dogs, cats, turtles, fish, rodents and birds.

Lethe is a lighting brand, with solutions for all types of spaces. Full range of decorative and functional products.

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Batiste Dry Shampoo refreshes your hair between washes, leaving it feeling gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture, no water necessary!

Naty diapers and wet wipes - 0% oil plastic on skin and no nasty chemicals. What goes on your baby goes in your baby. 100% independently certified.

Rascal + Friends offers premium unisex diapers that you can trust on your little rascal bums. Made with no nasties. Try us. Love us!

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